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Kenyans Feel Sorry For Alfred Mutua After He Publicly Confessed Of Missing Lilian Ng’ang’a

lilian nganga

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua is currently battling cold days and loneliness following his breakup with Lilian Ngángá.

The politician, while speaking to a local publication, revealed that Ngángá dumping him for singer Juliani left him dazed ever since.

He admitted to missing him and hoped they might reconcile soon.

“You miss people who come into your life. The people who are in your life, even for a month, two months, or 20 years, leave a part of them in you. It is natural for you to miss them. You have to be the devil incarnate for you not to miss them,” Mutua said.

“People go apart and come back together. It’s there in the Bible. It’s God who plans these things. If He says you’ll get back together, you will. Don’t fight His will.”

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The confession left many Kenyans rather feeling sorry for him while others were quick to call him soft. 

Mutua, however, said he doesn’t want to speak about her in the interview saying it’s disrespectful to Juliani.

“I’m not going to discuss my relationship, I won’t. It is disrespectful to the other person. It’s funny that people don’t understand that relationships can end without major issues. It’s possible to tell your partner: ‘it’s been nice’, and she says the same too. That’s maturity. Maturity is when you realise that you don’t own anybody,” he said.

Here’s how people reacted:

Florence Nduku You wait and see,Lillian will go back to Mutua and he will definitely take her back!!

Johnson Ndegwa Kamande Governor hapa unachoma I can’t miss someone who continues to posts stuff to hurt me hio nguvu itatoka wapi

Jey Clinton Stop this mutua , your letting us down. Move on and forgot about that mshamba . She’s getting guilty each and every day…she’s the best example of ups and downS 👇

Mamake Yvonne Roy Ryan Lilian! Lilian! How many times did I kol u?….This man Mutua loves u BT u don’t love him….U love Julian bt he doesnt love u…..think big na usiniite mrogi walai🙈

Lavender Re-born And when mutua decides to move on that’s wen desparate nganga will come back…. Ii life aki

Renee Luseka Juliani please give back the woman you have eaten enough usichimbe borehole hapo 😂😂😂

Josephine Peter I can feel the pain he is going through coz the same thing has happened to me..dear God heal our hearts and teach us how to proceed without them

Benjamin Jr Bogonko May he heal and move on. Everything happens for a reason. God speed.

Miriam Muindi Muindi May God bless u Mutua ,aftter this pain u still love ur wife.ur are a man of wisdom.ur are a man among men. May God shower u with blessings,can He wipe ur tears and give u peace.Understand Julian is taking Lilian nowhere it’s wasting of time.

Ondieki Abrahams I agree with Mutua. When people leave our lives, they go with a piece of us. There is some element that we miss in them but we have to stand strong. That is honesty described to the core.

Audrey Rose Whatever u do to another it shall b done to u as well, wat goes around comes around, u reap wat u sow. So Mr. Alfred quit the drama coz the show is over , accept the reality of the matter n move on. Remember the wife of ur youth, the one who stood by you through thick n thin, but after u r elevated wat did u do? Did u stop to think wat she felt after the divorce, u ripped her heart apart as well.

Happy to forget her as u had find consolation in another woman’s arm little did u know Karma awaits u. God has answered the prayer of the just now see who laughs last. She’s healed n u r now the broken one. My advise, turn to God n seek Jesus for peace😊

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