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This Risky Behaviour In Ladies Can Put Them In Danger of Getting Cancer Of The Cervix

cervical cnacer
cervical cnacer

(KDRTV)-Even the bible says every man should only be married to one woman unless your wife dies that is when you are at liberty to marry again. Polygamous families are faced with many problems.

They have jealous to deal with and properties to fight for. But other aspects of health are also important when it comes to dating and marriage. Having many partners increases your chances of contracting HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases because you never know what your partner does when you are not around and the kind of network she is involved in.

According to research, Having many partners can put you at risk of contracting a certain type of cancer called cancer of the cervix. Cancer of the cervix is the 4th cause of death in women. But why do multiple partners increase the risk of having cervical cancer?

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Having many sexual partners will predispose you to human papillomavirus (HPV)which may cause warts or cervical cancer. Once you are predisposed to HPV, it will take up to 20 to 30 years before it turns and becomes cancerous. That is why these days the ministry of health advocates for girls of 10 years to be given a vaccine called Gardasil for the Human papillomavirus. This vaccine reduces the chances of contracting cancer by 70%. Other risk factors for this type of cancer of the include;

1.Having intercourse at an early age

2.Getting pregnant at an early age

3.HIV infection

4.Marrying a man with many partners

5.Marrying uncircumcised men

6. Marrying a man whose wife died of cancer of the cervix.

For prevention, you need to be married at the right age above 20 years, Getting pregnant at the right age above 20 years, and always use protection when engaging in sexual activities.

Go for cancer screening every 3 years and yearly if you are HIV positive. Get proper treatment for human papillomavirus to reduce the chances of cervical cancer later in life.

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