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Atwoli Dares Coronavirus for a Showdown


KDRTV-COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has declared that he is not afraid of Coronavirus and asked low-income earners not to listen to fear mongers.

Atwoli questioned why there have been calls to shut down the economy over the numbers yet the figures show that more than 60% of the victims have recovered.

He said Kenya is not in a position for an economic shutdown. The veteran trade unionist spoke in Kisumu where he signed an MoU with flower farms.

“Where have we stored food which we can access should there be a lockdown? We do not have enough medicine in our hospitals, we do not have enough money for research in our universities, we do not have enough books and learning materials for our children in various institutions of higher learning, we are sometimes driving on dilapidated infrastructure, we have heaps and heaps of garbage in our cities, we have houses that are not painted; we live as if we are in slum dwellings… And, you want to tell people that the economy should be shut in such circumstances? That cannot work,” said Atwoli.

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“Looking at the survival vs death ratio world-over following the coronavirus outbreak, we shouldn’t dramatise the disease, we shouldn’t at all. People are going to die more of hunger than coronavirus. I am appealing to those who are in positions of influence to stop dramatising this issue of coronavirus.

“We can manage it the same way we have managed other viruses, which were more serious than coronavirus,” he added.

Atwoli said that nobody should scare Africans because we have our own traditions. He said he will not be scared of attending the funeral of any of his friends if they were to die from Corona.

So far, Kenya has seven confirmed cases of the dreaded virus which has grounded almost the whole world.

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