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Christmas Between Lockdown and Shutdown.

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(KDRTV)-With the holiday season at the doors, the world feels more and more limited this time. Travel bans, restrictions, and gathering rules are part of the norm now.

Across the world, almost every country is imposing limitations and restrictions on free movement and gatherings due to, well you guessed it, the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although vaccines are being manufactured and distributed at full throttle, the threat of the disease remains tangible and fatal, with a death count of 1,7 million there is no end in sight for the global pandemic just yet.


The travel situation in the United States remains relatively at ease with each state imposing its own restrictions of entry, some require a test while others allow for no travel at all, 22 major states like Washington and California enforced state-wide restrictions. 28 states mostly republican states, have absolutely no restrictions whatsoever.

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The UK is now under Tier 4 lockdown following the appearance of a new highly contagious coronavirus strain that crippled the whole country and brought travel to a halt. The country is under complete shutdown.

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France, already in national lockdown since late October, will ease the restrictions on Christmas Eve and will lift the curfew in place from 8 PM to 6 AM for celebrations, the government is considering a similar path for New Year’s Eve but it still unconfirmed.

Italy will remain under full nationwide lockdown with most non-essential businesses closed, up to 2 guests are accepted by a household, and with a curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM.

Germany put a nationwide lockdown until January 10th, with no exceptions, and all non-essential businesses closed.

Spain allowing travel between states to visit friends and family while having relatively relaxed social gathering rules, all Spanish territories are under nationwide lockdown until May 2021.

Belgium adopted a rather solitary approach with one person called ‘close contact’ allowed to visit alone at any point in time, shopping alone and for 30 minutes top.

Portugal enacting a shorter curfew and allowing for travel and gatherings, restaurants allowed to remain open until 1 AM.

Dutch households allowing up to 3 guests around Christmas gatherings, and banning fireworks on New Year’s Eve just like most European countries.

Ireland had a relaxed approach compared to its neighbors, however, that changed quickly following the discovery of a new Covid-19 strain in the UK, the country is now under level 5 lockdown with a stay-at-home order and gatherings of up to 2 households. Starting January first, no visitors will be allowed in private homes and residences unless to care for the vulnerable.

Sweden advising on face masks for the first time, prohibiting the sale of alcohol for safety reasons after 8 PM, and recommending outdoor gatherings.

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