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CORONAVIRUS: Sharp Increases In New Cases And Deaths




Corona Virus Spread To Every Chinese Region Death Toll At 170

KDRTV has confirmed that on Wednesday, in Hubei province of China, 242 deaths were recorded from the new deadly virus in the country

According to statistics, this was the deadliest day in China so far, as far as coronavirus deaths are concerned

Again, there was also a drastic increase in the number of new cases with 14, 840 people found with the virus

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The outbreak started in China, Hubei province but recently according to the WHO, the new infections were stabilizing

However, the new cases and deaths in Hubei province has pushed the death toll to 1350 with almost 60, 000 infections

According to our previous reports, major health officers in China were fired following the way they were handling cases of Coronavirus in the country

The coronavirus infections have also hit other countries including the USA.

On the same note, many countries including Kenya has suspended their flights to China amid fear of coronavirus infections

It was also reported that the continent Africa lacked sufficient Health Facilities to handles cases of coronavirus.

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However, the regional manager of WHO in Africa said that they are considering several approaches to increase the capacities to tackle cases of coronavirus in case of any.

WHO has also taken its medical team to China to assist in combating the infections of the deadly virus.


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