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Fear in Murang’a as Women Panties are Stolen in Large Quantities




Muranga face masks 1
Face masks made from panties

(KDRTV) – Women in Murang’a County have been forced to walk with their panties in their handbags over fears that they will be stolen.

This follows the emergence of vicious thieves who are breaking into people’s houses to steal the inner garments. Panties are also disappearing from clothing lines.

“We are worried because these thieves are stealing women and girls’ underwear while leaving men’s on the line. We don’t know what our children shall wear when schools re-open,” one of the victims said as quoted by People Daily.

Early this month, we reported how villages in Murang’a had been dubbed into buying cheap face masks only to realise later that they had been made from worn-out panties. Residents now fear that the thieves could be stealing the garments to make masks.

The puzzled villagers could not understand the rare theft beyond conspiracies.

“I am hearing they are using our panties to make face masks. One pantie can make two face masks,” said a villager. It is believed that a big panty can make up to five masks.

Governor Mwangi was Iria has been distributing free masks to residents. It is not clear where thieves are getting the market to sale their panty-mask merchandise.

Could it be witcraft?

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