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Raila Odinga Slams Tanzania`s Magufuli Over Fight Against Coronavirus




BBI Will Not Make Uhuru Prime Minister Raila Odinga

(KDRTV)-The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) boss Raila Odinga has criticized Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli over individualistic approach towards the battle against coronavirus

According to the opposition leader, Magufuli`s move frightened to deface the benefits members of East Africa Community (EAC) has achieved in combating the deadly coronavirus

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Reports have emerged that President Magufuli has been doubtful of COVID-19 diagnosis and hos since stopped daily updates despite the increased infection and climbing death toll in Tanzania

“This is a regional issue and our destiny is tied together. We do not want a situation where a country will be forced to close its boundaries against the other. Dialogue is the best way,” said Raila who is one of Magufuli’s close friends.

Many countries have also expressed their worries on how Tanzania is handling the coronavirus

For instance, as many countries have close air transport, imposed lockdowns and banned social gathering s in a bid to combat the virus, Magufuli insisted that he will not close churches since that is the last place that they can run for help

President Magufuli has also not been inadequate engagements with other members of EAC in a scheme tp battle the coronavirus

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Of late, Tanzania has recorded a drastic rise in the number of infections and death toll as well

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