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Trumps Says China Has Higher Number Of Coronavirus Deaths Than America

President Trump
President Trump

(KDRTV)-President Donald Trump has said that the United States has fewer deaths than some countries in Western Europe.

Trump opened his press conference by asserting that when deaths are considered in per capita basis, then the US has fewer coronavirus the other countries

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“Our mortality rate is far lower than other nations of Western Europe,” he said, “with the lone exception of possibly Germany.

“This includes the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, France. Spain has a mortality rate which is nearly four times that of the United States.

Trump also was specific to China which he said he was sure that China had more deaths than the US.

“When the fake news gets out there and starts saying the US is number one… we’re not number one, China is number one. It’s not even close. You know it, I know it, they know it,” Trump said

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the Chinese Wahun city, China and the US has been faulting each other for the origin of the virus

According to our previous reports, the US is trying to find out the truth behind its allegation that the virus did not originate from the seafood market in Chinese Wahun city in Hubei province

Recently, France distanced itself from the US allegation that coronavirus originated from the Chinese Wahun research laboratory
President Trump also during his presser revealed announced dates where some states are expected to re-open

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KDRTV understands that China had partially re-opened Wahun city where the virus originated with local airstrips, roads, and railways transportation re-surfacing in the country.


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