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Detained Former Mali President Returns Home After Being Released By Junta

Former Mali presiednt Keita returns home after detaintion
Former Mali presiednt Keita returns home after detaintion

(KDRTV)-Former Mali president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita who announced his resignation after being detained by mutinying soldiers has returned home after being released by the soldiers 

Mr. Keita has returned to Bamako home under heavy security after being freed from a military base in Kita

The soldiers who now call themselves National Committee for the Salvation of the People (NCSP), detained that president during a military coup last week and had declared his resignation

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KDRTV notes that during his detention Mr. Keitanoted that he was not forced to resign and he does not want to be reinstated but rather wants speedy restoration of a democratically elected administration

Both the United Nations (UN) and  The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has compelled a safe release of the former president

The ECOWAS had met with the mutinying soldiers and reported that they agreed on several things except for reinstating Mr. KeitA

There were also reports that the UN had urged the NCSP to establish a transitional government within twelve months

NCSP has also reported that they are moving with speed to establish a council to oversee the general elections as soon as possible in order to put in power transitional president

The soldiers carried out the coup cited failure by the former president to salvage the economy of Mali; they also complained about the spectrum of the Malian fighting the jihadists

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KDRTV understands that many citizens rallied in the capital Bamako to hail the junta and rejected calls by AU and UN to have President Keita reinstated

ECOWAS, AU, UN and other countries had condemned the detention of the former president and called for his unconditional release

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