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Twitter To Delete Trump Followers

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Donald Trump tweets.

(KDRTV)-If there is anything Trump is afraid of, it’s losing his Twitter followers. Twitter will move to delete his followers after the presidency.

In a surprise announcement from Twitter, the global political scene of the 21 century, the social media giant will move to delete and archive Trump’s main account followers and conduct other procedures to ensure a smooth and seamless transition of power when the new president-elect Joe Biden moves in office.

We now know why Jack Dorsey, Twitter Ceo, grew a guru beard. Twitter’s influence on the political and social scene is unparalleled, contrary to Facebook, the company took decisive measures when it perceived its platform power exponentially increasing over the years. With Congress’s pressure to break big tech and social media monopolies, Jack Dorsey took what seems to be the safest way, for the greater good of the people, we will lead.

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“In 2016, the Trump administration absorbed all of President Obama’s Twitter followers on @POTUS and @WhiteHouse – ” Joe Biden’s digital director, tweeted Monday.

The Biden Administration will have to start from zero, a Twitter spokesman affirmed. The government-led accounts of POTUS AND FLOTUS will be reset and transferred to the Biden administration once in office.

Trump’s account, the Real Donald Trump with 85 million followers will be deleted with followers being notified to follow the new Biden administration official announcements accounts.

Joe Biden’s personal account, with 21,7 million followers, will remain as is with an operation to redirect the flow of politically interested individuals to his account instead of Trump.

The social media CEO is clearly following a path of neutrality and fairness, he proceeded to unfollow political accounts such as Trump and Biden from his own personal account in an attempt to send a clear message, we will ensure a smooth transition in the balance of social media power and we will stand back.

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The move came complimentary to the trend already observed on both presidential candidates, Joe Biden followers increasing dramatically and Trump followers leaving the table. The surprise came at a critical time to strip the current president from his Twitter ‘Superpowers’ to avoid hate speeches, Trump supporters rage and eliminate any chances of riots, violence, and even an imaginary coup d’etat during the transition.

The decision comes naturally due to the immense influence Trump amassed with his near 50K tweets during the presidency, those simple clicks of follow could be used financially, socially, and politically for the best interest of Donald Trump years after his presidency which is arguably unfair.

Reminds me of Gandalf’s scenes in the golden classics, the lord of the rings,’ You have no power here’ and ‘You cannot pass’.

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